We love to reinvent cherished jewels that have deep personal importance to you. Sometimes we have a piece that sparks a memory of one of our loved ones, however, is not in a style that we would wear. We incorporate the elements that you value from the original piece while designing something that you can enjoy as well.


Our revitalization process ensures to take into account the most important aspects of your current piece. We use this as our starting point for any new jewel that we create. Whether we are modernizing or embellishing, we ensure that the spirit of the piece remains the same and what you cherished can still be strongly felt. 


We will recommend recutting a gem if the surface has been scratched or chipped through years of loving wear. During this process, our master cutters will first assess the gem to ensure there is no risk in reviving the stone. Once that is complete, we will consult with you and let you know precisely how this process will impact the size and appearance of your gem.