Make a Statement.

Exceptional jewellery evokes emotion and passion. We acquire jewels because of the feelings they bring out when we interact with them.

That is Ascentia Diamonds' reason for being. To provide our clients with the opportunity to express their love and emotions in ways that words could not.


We curate an extensive inventory of beautiful jewels. With a wide range of products to choose from, we can find you your next treasure or use our inventory for inspiration.


Our designs draw inspiration from a variety of sources. However, our philosophy is always the same - design pieces that are minimalist, over-engineered, and timeless.


We finish all of our unique inventory to impossible standards. We make sure to scrutinize the smallest details because, well, we love to!



We love to work with our clients to design something unique. We are there to guide and to advise our clients as they begin their journey in making their next heirloom.


We obsess over sourcing the best diamonds and gemstones. We work with our global network to source the most amazing gems. Prioritizing life and emotion over size and "bling".


We like to compare ourselves to the tailors of Savile Row. Every aspect of your design can be changed, personalized, and tweaked to make it exactly what you envision.



Do you own jewellery that has incredible sentimental value, but isn't your style? Let our expert design team work with you to give it a new look while retaining its special meaning.


Even masterpieces need a touch up now and then. Whether it has a minor scratch or a major chip, our master cutters will recut and repolish your stone to bring back its brilliance.


Our expert jewellers have been in this business for a long, long time. They have honed their skills over many decades of benchwork. They have seen it all and know how to make it work.